Ayush Kanodia

Ayush Kanodia

PhD Student, Computer Science, Stanford University


My name is Ayush Kanodia. I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, currently in my third year. I mix Machine Learning and Economics. I am lucky to be advised by Susan Athey.

Research Interests

I work at the intersection of Economics and Machine Learning, using methods from each into the other. My focus areas are machine learning applied to Economic structural modeling and Causal Inference (and vice versa), Recommendation Systems and Experiment Design. Additionally, I like to learn about/use Deep Learning methods, Reinforcement Learning and Language Processing methods towards these goals.

Past Education

  • Graduation - B.Tech (Computer Science) with Honors and Minor in Applied Statistics and Informatics, IIT Bombay, India
  • High School - Don Bosco School Park Circus, Kolkata, India

Work experience